ALEXI VANDENBERG - The Geek *ahem* Guy in Charge

Geek entrepreneur Alexi Vandenberg's first steps in fandom started in Orlando at the age of 9. Quickly becoming known as "the youngest kid in central Florida Fandom" attending convention staples like Vulkon, NecronomiCon and joining the local Star Trek fan group.


He quickly became a regular game master within gaming communities and contributor to several fanzines in the area. Alexi joined TachyCon as a volunteer and then quickly was assigned to head up a department within the convention where he served until 1996.


In what he called, "quite possibly the dumbest thing he has ever done," Alexi left fandom for a period of time to run a professional political organization where he built promotional and marketing campaigns for elected officials and candidates across the country. He still ran an underground D&D game every Thursday night.


Upon recovering his sanity, Alexi formed Rabid Fanboy Marketing and Promotions in order to market and promote creations in the fandom community. As he says "There is great cool stuff coming from some of the creators in fandom but most marketers have no idea how to market it because they don't know the community or worse they mis-market it!"  He has grown Rabid Fanboy to represent clients including writers, artists, game designers, speakers, and independent businesses.


As a geek entrepreneur and referred to as “the Merchant Prince of Fandom”, Alexi Vandenberg is an expert in marketing and promoting as well as in comics, science fiction, fantasy, history, science, event planning, media, and public relations. He was a featured writer for the Pink Raygun Magazine for women in fandom and was a leading contributor to the Evil Overlord List.  He is also the owner of Prince of Cats Literary Productions and Bard’s Tower, the only nationally operated literary celebrity experience devoted to pop culture entertainment.


He is also a published author (of two non-fiction works), a long time game master, swordsman and color commentator on all things geek, because as he says "it's either that or supervillainy and this is more fun."


He is married and lives in New Jersey with his wife Mary, daughter Madeline and son Vincent John.